For most entrepreneurs, tax preparation is one of their least favorite activities. It requires a high level of detail, up-to-date knowledge about U.S. tax law, as well as some pretty serious math skills. Many business owners assume they have to handle it all themselves, and many of them make the same mistakes, such as:

  • Maybe you’re thinking you’ll just do all your tax prep yourself. Do you really have the tax knowledge necessary to keep yourself from getting audited or fined? Sure, you could do that, and you could also represent yourself in court. Remember, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should actually do it.
  • Some owners save all their receipts, figuring it means they don’t need a tax diary. The problem is, a tax diary has all the questions asked by the IRS, such as expenses for entertainment and travel. These keep you from procrastinating and protects your records.
  • Sometimes, if an owner finds themselves short on cast, they consider dipping into employee withholding to cover the difference. After all, it’s their money, right? Nope, because this trust fund is used for Social Security and employee withholding, and if they borrow from it, they’ll be personally liable and could be hit by giant penalties.

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