With The Gunn Payroll Plus One-On-One Approach, our payroll services offered promise to meet you where you need us most. Whether your needing to pay your employees in a salary, hourly, commission structure, by the piece, or a mixed structure, we’ve got you covered.

We also offer Bookkeeping Services. These services include:

  • Month End Reporting
  • Helping Keep Track of Your A/P and A/R
  • Reconciliations of Your Bank Account and Credit Cards
  • and Data Entry

Make the switch to Payroll Services Online today and save money and time for tomorrow and beyond. Whether your business is new or existing, small or grand, our payroll and bookkeeping services are the cost-efficient means to help you and your company thrive.

You won’t ever have to worry about:

  • Issuing W-2s and 1099s
  • Keeping Track of PTO Accruals
  • Tax Filing
  • Hefty Fees for Errors

Why? Because you have Gunn Payroll Plus to rely on.

We allow your employees to track their own hours online, eliminating double input. We understand it can be frustrating and costly to track employee hours and re-enter the data, especially when you stress about following complicated rules.

We take a complicated system, and make it easy and simple for your convenience.

And here’s our guarantee:

Our payroll online reports will be accurate, timely, and hassle-free.

Finances and paperwork shouldn’t be hard or stressful. We’re here to help.

We handle everything from local Payroll Management in Tulsa, Oklahoma to payroll and accounting services for businesses all over the States.

We love working with small, local businesses in the Tulsa area to help with:

  1. Salary Processing
  2. Tax Filing
  3. Local, State, and Federal Tax Preparation and Filing Services
  4. Tax Calculations
  5. Accounting Services
  6. Direct Deposit
  7. Month End Journal entries
  8. Reconciling Bank Accounts & Credit Cards
  9. And More!